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Hello Joe, I've been going thru your web sight and I must
say it really brings back lots of memories. I would like to share some of
my thoughts with you about my time at Hofn.
Airman 1:why -- I can't recall his name but he worked for me
and was from Oklahoma.
Maintenance: This is me and I think Airman Short or Smart.
In fact I was Tech. Sgt. when I arrived there. I was promoted to Master
Sgt. on 1March 68. I had my wife take a look at this picture and she
didn't recognize me.
Stevens : He was a real quiet young man and efficient and
never complained.

Major K. He relieved Col. Howard about midways thru our
assignment there. They were both first class commanders.
Airman Nutt : I remember him well and he was happy go
lucky and always had something going . I would tell him" you're a nut"
and it would always bring a big grin. He really liked his last name.
Smoky Kitchen: It seems that most GI's smoked at that
time and I don't believe you did though. Now days it hard to find a place
to smoke on base!
APR: I noticed that Bill Elliott wrote your APR and he
was my assistant and my right hand. I was grateful to have him there.
NORS-FREE: A great achievement but we cheated to
accomplished this. We had almost every critical part hid in the old eight
tower. Someone reported it to SMSGT Suppes. He told us it had to go . We
made several trips to the dump but the most of it wound up hid under the 93
tower. At the next monthly awards party SGT Suppes received the Horses
Ass Award . I received the ruler of the purple shaft with the barbed wire
wreath. And unknown snitch received the Rat Fink Award. These awards were
given in fun and to poke fun at ourselves. We also had two height finders
transmitter tubes that held the record for most hours of a magnetron. Both
had over 30,000 hours.

AFRTS: This radio station didn't work when we arrived
there and I well remember you scrounging parts and cable from the radars
and got it going really good. The station had lots of records and programs
which helped break the boredom and isolation of H-3.

DROS: Reminds me of the tape we made for our DROS party
and we played it in the NCO Club and the Club was packed . Lots of copies
were made of this tape and it was the biggest hit since the Big Yellow Bird
Ballgame: This game started at 0001 on the 4th of July.
This was an annual event and hopefully no-one ever attended just 2 games.

Preacher: His name was Pierce and the stories he told
about Aliens , out of body experience, and visits by flying saucers during
his shifts had a lot of maintenance on edge . 

Fishing: We could always scrounge a pot to cook in and
oil from the mess hall. We cooked right on the lake and often brought fish
back to bake in our club kitchen. They were tasty!

NCO CLUB: Bandits ---- In this picture, are the 2 Master
at Arms. On the left is SMSGT Suppes and on the right is SSGT Ambrose.
Ambrose took a lot of ribbing for not joining the coffee pool and he always
paid his nickel but said that buffalo nickel has a mighty long way to go.

This was my 4th remote assignment and it was definitely
the best of the 4 and I retired from the AF after 20 years and 20 days to
avoid going to a remote sight in Korea .

The 667th radar squadron had the best bunch of Airman
NCO"S and Officers that I was ever around. And radar maintenance was the
best of the best and everyone believed we had an important mission and we
always gave our best. When the word Zombies came down to the barracks ,
most of the radar personnel would go to the towers , regardless of the
time of the night to make sure if anything went wrong that there was plenty
of help around.

I had many additional duties as did all senior NCO"S at
this sight. But my job was a breeze because of the people that worked for
me. I remember so many , you , Elliott, Maguire, Martin, Wagner, Capers,
Nagy twins , Marino, Stevens, Suppes, Ambrose, Nord, and of coarse the
Squid , Chief Jones, a good guitar player, also Tech. SGT. Paulley who ran
the NCO Club.

Well, good buddy, it's fun going down memory lane and I
appreciate your web sight . It would be nice to get in touch with some of
the guys that were there when we were. I have some pictures from H_3 if
you are interested, I could send them.

" Champagne Barney"

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