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I have searched a lot of places for entries or web pages for the 667th AC&W Squadron. My name is Richard E. Coffman. I was an E-3 while at H-3. 

My duty title was Personnel Specialist and when I arrived I worked for Capt Robert S. Klinger and Col Willie J. Kopecky in the orderly room. SSgt John Parker also worked in the orderly room and was head of the Admin Section. 

I was stationed at H-3(Hofn) from 14 Feb 68-10 Feb 69. I have read some of the information on your site and I do not know if you knew the name of the Sgt that we hung in effigy, but I believe that his name was MSgt Halko. After locating your web site, I have tried repeatedly trying to locate an email address for Marty Chevian without

Richard Coffman <>