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Nicholas J Tazza wrote:

 Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was at work the other night
 and the subject turned to "when we were in the service". I just for
 the Hell of it ran "Hofn" thru the search engine and lo and behold I
 ran across your site. Great stuff. I was taken back more years than I
 care to remember. I was there from Jan 68 to about Sept 68, then got
 transferred down to Grindavik, another trans-ceiver Navy site.
 I remember Paul James very well, nice guy, quiet, reserved but
 affable. Not like most of us that shared the Navy barracks. I had more
 than a few buddies on the AF side, Lopez and Suarez in the Mess Hall
 were great. Mike Moyer. A bunch of others whose last names have left
 me thru the years. But it was an experience I will never
 forget. Thanks again for the memories. I really enjoyed it. One of the
 pics in your collage showed my old roommate, Dan McMahon...I had a
 good laugh at that, he was a card.
 Nick Tazza RM3......retired
 since 71