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Since these pages have been put on the web, I have received messages from some of the Airman and Seamen that were stationed at H-3 in 1967 or 1968.  Anyone who was stationed at Hofn in these two years is more than welcome to contribute pictures and/or remembrances to these pages.  It is my hope to give all those people who never had a chance to experience the rare experience of spending a year at H-3 at least a little idea of what life was like in this remote corner of the USAF's AC&W Radar network.

Some of the comments I have already received have been added to the specific web pages mentioned in the comments.

If you were there and would like to share you experiences, please just send me an e-mail at

To see comments already received, just click on a link listed with a name.  A page will come up with their comments.  Unfortunately a computer crash erased some of the comments and addresses so if no comment is listed, I hope the comments can be re-sent.

MSgt. Spears T. Barnett       Barney-1,   Barney-2  

Paul James

Sgt Marty Chevian     Chevian-1

Nick Tazza   Tazza-1

Bill Ingram    Ingram-1

Richard Coffman    Coffman-1

Frank R. Scariano  Scariano1

Dan Mcmahon   Mcmahon-1

Geir Alexandersson Geir-1

William "Bill" Harrison  Harrison-1

Ed Mann      Mann-1

Martin Hauser  Hauser-1

Eiríkur Thorvaldsson  Eiríkur-1

MSgt Robert Bozeman  Bozeman-1

Golden "Bub" Carper    Carper-1

Steve Spies      Spies-1

Gary Church    Church-1

Ed Reister  Reister-1