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From: MSgt Robert Bozeman,


Joseph:  I happened upon your site a few days ago and am enjoying it very much.  My name is Robert Bozeman, MSgt retired.  I was stationed at H3 from Oct 68 thru Oct 69 and remember some of the individuals that you have linked on your site.  I was NCOIC of the Com Cen and also ran the NCO club for the last six or eight months of my tour. That was about three years prior to my retirement and my rank was MSgt at the time.  My boss was Capt. Canovaloff as Ops officer until his rotation and his replacement was Capt. Ramm.  The CO was Major Kopecky and his replacement was Lt Col Mussman.  MSgt Halko was the 1st Sgt and I can't remember his replacement.  SSgt Donald Reddy was the medic and ran the mail room.  I do remember that prior to my arrival someone burned the 1Sgt in effigy.  I believe the names are correct but not sure about the spelling.  I have a few pictures of some individuals there at the time and can upload to you.  Thanks again and let me know if you get this please.  
Bob Bozeman 


Posted March 21, 2008


Pictures provided by MSgt Bozeman have been added to the Airmen 2 page.  Please check his pictures out to see if you can help identify some of the people.