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Hi, this is Frank, ex-CO of H3, Hofn, vintage 7/1966-7/1967 --- 

If it's OK I'd like to add a few of my pictures of that era. I have the fondest memories of the wonderful men who endured the isolation there with such dedication to duty. It is hard for those who were not assigned to H-3
to realize that due to the political climate we were more-or-less confined to the base. That's another story. 

I hope that I can attach a few pictures that will be enjoyed. Please let me know how the transfers turned out...The pic's are just like they were taken-no editing or improving the images, darn it...

Best wishes and much contentment in this Holiday Season and the New Year...Frank S.

(Received from Frank R. Scariano December 20, 2002  The pictures he included are being added to this web site in the pages which contain similar photos.  JP)