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Received 9-21-04

What a trip down memory lane.  That person identified as Tex was me.  I was from Longview, TX at the time I was stationed there.  Believe it or not I still have that empty holster, only it now house's a 32-20 1887 model pistol now.  I am into collecting old weapons.  Who cold forget Friskie but the really funny one was the white dog that like to drink beer, creame-de-mint or whatever she could get her tongue onto.  I remember the night we got her really looped and then painted the flames on her white fur and turning her loose in the snow. 

The Preacher, his name was Pierce, was really weird.  I remember that he decided to chug just 1 GMF instead of drinking two and when we carried him back to the Transit Barracks and painted him up with Iodine and black markers.  He wasn't real happy but it eventually washed off.
I wish I could find some pictures but I lost most of mine in a flood several years ago.  If I can find any remaining, I will scan them in and send them along.
Thanks for the memories,
H3 2/67 - 2/68

Bill Harrison