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The Dogs of H-3

Dogs were a permanent part of the morale builders at H-3.  While I was stationed there, there were four dogs .  Late update:  From our lone Navy representative, Paul James, I have received news and pictures to let me know that there were a few pups born at H-3 in our time there.  The  pictures on the second row are courtesy of Paul.

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Bessie.jpg (34094 bytes)  Sammy.jpg (63068 bytes)  Ginger.jpg (108253 bytes)  

H-3 also had the two site cats. Fred was the secretive female. A small tiger cat, she could only be coaxed out from under the tower or from the ceilings when you opened a can of sardines. If you put the can down and stepped away, she would come a grab a piece and then go back in hiding. 

Judy, the male, (Yes, we were getting a little bit weird here.) was a friendly black tom. He would visit you whenever he felt like it. He was especially social on the mid-shift.  He would sometimes lay atop the dummy load for the standby search radar channel.  This dummy load took the place of an antenna and dissipated the power being generated while the standby channel was undergoing tests or just idling.  It made for a nice warm location up high from which Judy could survey his "kingdom".


Courtesy of Barry Aistop we now have a video of the "Dogs of Hofn"    Dogs of Hofn

Up Frisky Blackie Ginger Brownie Father and Son "The King" Bessie Sammy Ginger (2) Mojo & Me