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Thanks to Marty Chevian, we now have a picture of the fourth dog of H-3.  Brownie was a small Icelandic sheep dog who was near and dear to all the Airmen at H-3.  Someone had taken the time to "potty train" Brownie.  She would climb up on a toilet and "do her thing".  She never did get the hang of flushing after she was done. 

Brownie was  the mother of both Ginger and Blackie.  One day Brownie vanished.  In spite of a search party which looked along the sea coast and searched the entire site, Brownie was never seen again while Marty or I were at H-3.  To this day I still have no idea of what happened to Brownie.


Up Frisky Blackie Ginger Brownie Father and Son "The King" Bessie Sammy Ginger (2) Mojo & Me