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Ceramics at H-3

There was a nice ceramic kiln and several molds in the Special Services building at H-3.  Sometimes there were so many people casting ceramics that the molds had to be pulled out of service to dry out. 

The process for making your ceramics involved pouring the clay mixture, called slip, into the mold and letting it set for a day or two.  After it set it was called greenware.  You handled greenware  VERY carefully otherwise you had a collection of small clay pieces.  The greenware was baked in the kiln shown for a few hours and after cooling, the casting, now called bisque, was painted with any of the several glazes provided.  Then it was baked again.  Sometimes several glaze and bake cycles were completed to come up with the finished piece.

Marty Chevian took care of these ceramic supplies.  I don't think anyone could even guess how many pieces were cast at H-3.  It must have numbered in the thousands!

Pictured are the kilns that were so heavily used.

Click on the small kiln to see what's "cooking"

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