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Dining In

Photos & comments courtesy Ed Mann

Dining In 1967 - the people in the picture from the March 30, 1967,
Dining In at the 667th from left to right are:
Chaplain Lamesters (Protestant Chaplin from Kevlavik), LTC Frank Scarino 
(667th CO mid 66 to mid 67), Ed Mann (supply officer), Capt Cunningham 
(paymaster from H-1, I think), Admiral Stone (CO of IDF and our honored guest),
 Bob Bouldin, Frank Hurdon, a volunteer waiter (was there such a thing as 
a volunteer in the military?) The whole squadron and our navy companions 
were there too.
11-09-2009 Update:
The unknown volunteer waiter barely visible on the right is me, Steve Spies.