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Web Pages Directly related to Radar Sites in Iceland

USAF Radar Sites Iceland 


933rd/667th Sq (Don Wyatt)

57th Fighter Sq. History

Cold War History in Iceland (page 18)    PDF file

The following links died when the Keflavik base was closed.  If anyone knows where they may now be found, please contact me.

Iceland defense Forces (Link died when Keflavik AFB was closed) 932 Sq. History (Link died when Keflavik AFB was closed)

US Navy Comm Stations (Link died when Keflavik AFB was closed)

Reunion Information

USAF Radar Sites Iceland Reunion
Military World reunions DMOZ Reunions  (Page not updated by Owner in several years)
USAF-RSV-WORLDWIDE Veterans Reunions   (Last updated April 2010 - America's Most Comprehensive Military Search


Miscellaneous Pages

Another person who spent time in Iceland   (Link has problems or server bad)  


 My Other Pages

Lake & Valley Trap Shooting League Erie-Crawford Trap Shooting League   (Link only available to provide connection to site maintained by new Webmaster)

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