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Valdi, although not an U.S. Airman, is included in the Airmen listing because he, although an Icelandic citizen,was perhaps more dedicated to H-3 and for a much longer time frame than any of the U.S. Airman stationed at H-3.

Long time Icelandic citizen employee and VERY GOOD FRIEND OF ALL WHO SERVED AT H-3, Valdi has died.  I received the following note May 3, 2009.  So Long Valdi.  We will always have the memory of you in our hearts.  Maybe now your spirit can get to see the Texas you loved.

Joe P.

My name is Žorvaldur(Valdi) and I am the grandson of Valdi who worked in H-3 in Iceland.
I wanted to let you know that my grandfather sadly passed on 1. May 2009 from asbestos cancer.
He was born
28.mai 1930.
He retired after working in H-3 for 43 years.
If you could please forward this to people he worked with and knew that will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Žorvaldur Hafdal

For some Special history you might not know about Valdi's special relationship with Texas, we have this from Bobby Bowling.

I was stationed at H-3 in '80/'81 and just happened upon your site today and read the sad news of Valdi's passing. Valdi was a very dear friend during my tenure there; we occupied desks across from one another in the maintenance building and I visited his home many times. You may not know this, circa 1974, Valdi, selflessly risking his own life, saved the life of a young Texas airman who'd fallen in the icy waters. Then Texas Governor, Dolph Briscoe, cited Valdi's heroism and proclaimed him an honorary Texan. Valdi was extremely proud of being a "Texan" and always sported his well-worn Stetson. I suspect my being a Texan kept Valdi from giving me his customary bone crushing bear hugs.
Bobby Bowling (Gonzales)
SSgt, USAF (former)