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"The Club"

Welcome to the Hofn Open Mess.

Here you could get a cold drink, a hot sandwich, some good music, and a chance to strike it rich playing the three slot machines.  On the monthly paydays, it even served as the Finance Office and the Bank.  It was also the location for many of the DEROS (Date Estimated Return from OverSeas) Parties that everyone, especially those whose assignment at H-3 was completed, looked forward to each month.  These DEROS parties were the highest part of social life at H-3.

Since "The Club" served so many functions, it has its own little collection of pictures.  All of these pictures come to us from Airman 1st Class (at the time) Marty Chevian and MSgt. "Barney" Barnette and Frank Scariano (CO 66-67).  Just click on the small picture to see the original.

NCO Club and Chow Hall1.jpg (39835 bytes)  nco club kitchen1.jpg (26818 bytes)  DEROS party1.jpg (84537 bytes)  nco_club_001.jpg (12491 bytes)  Me in Middle,Marty Martin behind me,Tsgt Pauley to my right & Ssgt Smith next  ,others unknown.gif (118111 bytes)  Barney_at_NCO_club_bar.gif (103029 bytes)  1st_sgt.jpg (10902 bytes)

Up Outside Kitchen DEROS Bandits Friends Remember? Bad Boy? Outside Kitchen DEROS Bandits Friends Remember? Bad Boy?