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I was looking at the photos from the H-3 Dinning In that was held on March 30, 1967.  The unknown volunteer waiter barely visible on the right is me, Steve Spies.  I'm also the guy who made the infamous 8-BALL that "Fat Sam" delivered to so many passed out soles.  Do you remember that?  (I heard that someone threw it into Bat's Cave and it managed to make its way back!)  I'll relate the whole 8-BALL history in a future e-mail.  It belongs in the archives.

The 8-BALL was a 40 pound, 18 inch diameter cast iron mooring float I found on the beach and painted up as an 8-ball.  I fashioned a shackle from some rebar, welded the shackle to a scavenged length of  tire chain, and then welded the other end of the chain to the 8-ball.  Anyone who passed out drunk in an area other then their room could get it padlocked to their leg.  Many got the ball, including some officers.  I'll give more details later, but I think you get the idea.  I'm sure some of the folks that were there in '66-'67 will remember it.  BTW my tour was from June '66-June 67.  I DEROS'ed just before Lt. Col. Scarriano.
Steve S.