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Rare Visions

There were some things that were never seen at H-3!  Just to remind you of what they were, here are a few things you probably didn't remember seeing at H-3.

The puzzled look on this Seaman's face was when he first saw one of these visions after a year, or since he was Navy, maybe more time, in Iceland.

Here is what he saw.



YES!  That was a WOMAN!  and at the Hofn airstrip no less.  Why that is only ten or fifteen miles from H-3!

It was impossible to get a picture of our Seaman after he saw this next vision.  It seems he went into shock when he saw......



An Actual real live Smiling woman!!!!!  Thank you, Thank You, Thank You,

Thanks to Nick Tazza, another Seaman who stationed at H-3, the shocked Seaman has been identified.  Here are Nick's comments.

"This is Nick Catalano...I think Nick was from NY."

And that pretty much concludes this tour of H-3, "To the Far Flung Frontiers of Freedom and Back to Civilization!"  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Now it is time to go Home