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Hofn Open Mess

Here is your membership card to the Hofn Open Mess.

If you click on the membership card, I will be happy to sign you in as my Guest.

Membership Card to the NCO Club

This is what it took to get into the Club at H-3. This was the same club that, when the ice flows came around the eastern end of Iceland the year I was there, could not even give beer away! 

What had happened was that the ships bringing our heavy supplies, most everything other than mail and people, could not get in for several weeks, or maybe even longer. This caused the vital staples, like BEER to run out at the club. That was the closest I ever came to seeing a revolt amongst the troops! As a gesture to our needs, the club's administrator bought some "beer" from someone in town. Suffice to say, it did not meet the approval of the "taste testing committee" (just about everyone on the site) and so the price was lowered to actually being put on the bar with a sign saying "Free Beer, Help yourself" once the ship finally made it into Hofn. Even with the "beer" being free, those bottles still sat on the bar for maybe two months!

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