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The U.S. Air Force was not the only  United States military force which was represented at H-3.

The Navy had a small detachment stationed at Hofn AFS.  They manned the communications station which communicated with the various Naval facilities around the world.  They had several large conical antennas to support their shortwave communications.

Pictured below is the only Navy person to have checked in to H-3's home on the web.  He also gave us an update on the Dogs of H-3.  (Below his picture, taken at the Vatna Jokull, is a a copy of his e-mail to me, Joe)

Hi Joe,
I was really surprised the other day when I came across your web page on H-3. I accidentally found it while doing a Google search for the word "Hofn". A hit with the title "Ginger" caught my eye. When I went to that web page, I landed in your "Dogs of H-3" page. I couldn't believe that I was looking at a picture of a dog that I used to help take care of over 30 years ago.

My name is Paul James, and I was also stationed at H-3 about the same time that you were. I was one of the 15 or so Navy guys that took care of the radio transmitters. I was there from Dec '67 to Sep '68 and worked as an Electronics Technician. I recognized you from your picture and I also recognized Marty Chevian. I spent most of my time with the Navy guys but I did have a few close Air Force friends. Unfortunately...I can't remember any of their names.

I enjoyed reading the letters that you posted. The stories brought back a lot of good memories. I still have several boxes of 35mm slides from Iceland that I took out and looked at to refresh my memories. You may be interested in seeing some of them. Some that you might enjoy are:

1. The sign over the headquarters
2. The smashed truck that rolled down the mountain (it's pretty flat)
3. The other trucks of H-3
4. Some more of the dogs.
5. Some nice glacier shots
6. etc...etc...etc...

By the can add two more names to you list of site dogs. Brownie had pup named Samatha. We called her Sammy for short. Ginger also had a pup that we named Bessie. I have pictures of both if your interested.

I think about H-3 every now and then, and sometimes I actually miss the place. I wish that I could go visit the place one more time. I don't even know if it is still there.

I included a picture of me when I was there. It's not very good but I don't seem to have many pictures of me at H-3. Maybe you might remember seeing me around the site.

Let me know if you want any pictures!

Paul James