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  Here you have a typical corner of a H-3 Airman's room.  Let me point out on the top shelf , in the corner, a hydrogen gas thyratron.  This is an electronic tube which was used to very rapidly switch the power to the klystron (the final power amplifier) on and off to allow the radar pulses to be controlled with great precision.  A similar tube is also located on the desktop.  These tubes, once they died, became interesting looking lamps.

The record player setting on the cabinet is on top of one of the colored sheepskins which were a very popular souvenir of Hofn.  They were purchased at the General Store in Hofn.  

The bottles are just a few of the  many which were consumed at the Hofn Open Mess.


Friskie was a regular visitor to many rooms in all of the barracks at H-3.  








One thing we had plenty of at H-3 was hot water.   Seen here just coming out of the shower is "Preacher". 

 He set himself a high standard for his behavior and he stuck to it.  He was also one of the two Airmen who kept us "safe" from the Russians  on that one day when we had a heck of a good party the night before.  He also had the part time job of being our barber at H-3.  Let's just say that I don't think any of our haircuts would have been shown in the Top Ten Haircuts of the World but he did keep the hair out of our eyes.  I just wish I could remember what his actual name was.



Barney:  His name was Pierce and the stories he told about Aliens , out of body experience, and visits by flying saucers during his shifts had a lot of maintenance on edge.

Not much money or time was spent to "beautify" the hallways of the barracks as is shown here from a shot of the Transient Quarters barracks but the floors did shine.







Here is the place where you could always get a good meal.  H-3 was blessed with some of the finest cooks the Air Force had.  They could make a great meal four times a day.  The fourth meal?   Breakfast was served beginning around 2300 Hours for the Swing and Mids shifts who were just ending or starting their day.  Yes, these cooks could make anything taste great.

 Well, maybe anything except those miserable powdered eggs!