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I'm Martin Hauser.  I was stationed with the Navy (a reservist) at H-3 from
October of '68 into May of '69.  I came upon your website as I searched on H3
Iceland.  You even have a tab for the Navy!  It turns out that I must have
replaced Paul James whose email and photos you have included.  I too was an
electronics technician.

I remember the dogs of H-3, Ginger and Blackie in particular.  Ginger had a
litter of puppies on the Navy
T-deck around the spring of '69.

I only remember around 8 Navy personnel being at the site while I was there.
The 15 sounds high.  Anyone remember how many of us there were during this

I only remember a few of the names of the other Navy guys who were there at
the time:  Carl Delvecchio, Guy Keith and Paul (?) Rosen.  The fellow in charge
was an E6 by the name of Garner or something like that.  I kept pretty much
with Navy guys and didn't get to know any of the Air Force people.

Being stationed at H-3 turned out to be better than serving at Keflavik which
I did from December, '67 until being transferred to H-3.  It was a good
experience.  Anyone know if Hofn is still there?

By the way this website is well done.