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From Gary Church (by way of Steve Spies), 


I came to work late one morning as I was hung over. Figured I was in trouble, but they never said anything. Later on in the day, they said we was having a party that night. Was excited till I found out it was a GI Party. Had to take wax off of all the rooms in the Orderly Rm and rewax them and clean all fixtures. Wasn't fun at all, LOL!

Yes, I bartended in the Club for quite a while. Do you remember Gary Dunkle? He got drunk and ran some sheep over a cliff, (and you know they were sacred to the Icelandic's). I don't know how we got out of it, but we did. I know we got chewed on. I remember Greg Vassilou, he has a puter, I had his email AD but can't find it,

Snuffy Painted a picture of my then girlfriend, and then I got a Dear John, LOL!, Bob Sellers, Perry Smith, Lt. Hill, and of course Valdi. I roomed with Roger Morgan from Lincoln, Neb.

Dennis Spencer lives about 1 1/2 hours north of me. He worked in Supply. I also ran the Radio Station with Tom Todaro who lives in S.C. Rick Wagner (Mess Hall) lived or still lives in Pittsburgh. John Mendenhall (Mess) lived around Philadelphia area.

Had a bad snow one time and a bunch of us guy's built snow barrier's at the end of the Ofiicer's Quarters. They couldn't get out, so Col Scariano climbed out his window and fell into a big snow drift. Was lucky again, never got in trouble.

Do you remember the name of the guy who was in the Navy and his nicname was "Shitcan"? He only lived about 12 miles from me, but I can't remeber his name to try and find him.

Do you and your wife ever go to watch the Reading Royals play hockey? We have a team here in Wheeling called the Wheeling Nailers. We play them quite a few times every season as they are in our division. My wife and I have had season tickets for about 17 yrs. now. If possible I would like to get up there to one of their games and we could meet and really Bull shit, LOL!.They have bus trips down here from there, and maybe you and your wife could come down. You could set with my wife and I. Nice picture of your wife, hehehe, but I still can't remember you.

 I wish I had kept my stuff from Hofn, but unfortunately I didn't. Going to send you my home AD and phone number.

Gary W. Church
2206 Ohio St.,
Moundsville, WV 26041
Home Phone: 1 304 845-9639
Cell Phone:     1 304 281-1176
Your Friend,