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I found Hofn and the old base through Google Earth today.  I still had your website bookmarked and thought I would say hello.  I was there in the years 66-67 and worked in power production.  One of my closest friends was Bill Pritchard and it is amassing how our paths have crossed.  Although we were in Tech school at the same time, we never met but he had a smile that was difficult to forget.  When he arrived in Hofn I instantly recognized him.  I saw him a couple of times when we got back to the states but lost contact until last year.  Both of us purchased ’67 Camaro’s without knowledge of the other.  Last year I found him in Florida near where I had been just before he moved to Florida.  When I called him I discovered that he has a summer place near where I live now in North Carolina.  We met last summer and will spend time together when he comes up this summer.
I built the racks for the records in the radio station and used that table saw in the picture.  I like many others knew Valdi.  Although I did not know him well, I still remember that he was a very friendly guy.  If I had it to do over I would have enjoyed the country more than I had.  Four of us checked out a truck and did a road tour.  At the first gas station the driver put in diesel fuel instead of gasoline and we barely made it back over the mountain.  The motor pool chief was not too happy.
Thanks again and I hope your email address is still current.  I wish you the best.
Ed Riester