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The Social Highlight each month was the DEROS Party!  At this party, all the Airmen who had completed their assignment "200 miles from nowhere which is 2,000 miles from anywhere." got to celebrate their impending return to civilization.  The DEROS party also was the opportunity to "Welcome" the newly arrived Airmen of the month.  It was customary to offer the newly arrived troops a "complimentary" welcoming drink.  It was called a "Green Mother (Censored!)".  It had a taste that was like H-3, something you never forgot!

Welcome to one of our DEROS Parties!


Photo by Chevian

This pic in the club, the guy in the foreground is Dan McMahon, he was from So Jersey...a little town called  Audubon I think. The other guy hoisting the glass was Willie Pastrano.   He was our NCIC.  This information was received from another Seaman who served at H-3,  Nick Tazza.


Barney:  Reminds me of the tape we made for our DROS party and we played it in the NCO Club and the Club was packed . Lots of copies were made of this tape and it was the biggest hit since the Big Yellow Bird Party.



Up Outside Kitchen DEROS Bandits Friends Remember? Bad Boy? Outside Kitchen DEROS Bandits Outside Kitchen DEROS Bandits