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Mess Hall

The Chow Hall was THE meeting place for everyone.  They served four, yes, four meals a day.  The fourth was a midnight shift breakfast for those going on duty for the mid shift or coming off the swing shift.  Even the Dinning Hall was a 24/7 operation at H-3.

The Airman leaning back in his chair on the left is "Preacher".  "Preacher's" actual name was Pierce but the names  of his companions have slipped from my mind.  I can't recall the names of the Cooks but I do recall that they could really put out some darn good grub!

Sitting around in the Chow hall. 

The Mess hall not only gave us some darn good food, it also provided a chance to enjoy that food with some of the best friends a person could ever had.  It was amazing that our cooks found ways to treat us to such good meals even though we were way out somewhere at "The End of the World."  The Holidays meals, like the Thanksgiving meal pictured, could have come right off of the menu of a Five Star restaurant. 


These three were some real "cut ups" in the Kitchen.  (Sorry, I just couldn't resist it.)

Unfortunately, they are three more of the many whose names I can no longer recall.

BUT, fortunately, Nick Tazza another Seaman stationed at H-3, could identify at least one of the three.  Here is his comment.

"The guy holding the knife is Lou Suarez. he ran the kitchen. He was a great guy. Always laughing and 
joking, a real nice person. I was sick once and he brought stuff to my room for me to eat. Aces, really. "