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Hello Joe,

I'm Golden Carper aka Louie or aka Bub, worked in Radar Mt there.  I was a Staff Sergeant then. I have some pix of the site but it will be a challenge to find them. Hofn was my second and last remote tour.  Sorry to say I don't remember a lot of the guys I worked with there. I do remember Bill Elliott and MJ K. He was a good commander. Have you heard anything about him?

Remember Valdi, super good guy, sorry to hear he died.  He made a beautiful jewelry box for my wife, we still treasure it. Bill and your web site have me thinking about Hofn, still have some sheepskins I bought from the Icelanders, so guess I'll hafta go dig thru some of the picture albums and see if I can find a few. I do remember one I took thru thru a pair of binoculars of a Russian ship off the site.

Thanks for the memories,

"Golden { Bub } Carper" <>